Bicycle Accidents


Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Negligent motor vehicle drivers cause bicycle accidents including:

  • drivers under the influence of alcohol
  • drivers failing to stop for a red traffic light or stop sign
  • drivers failing to yield the right-of-way
  • drivers failing to pay full time and attention - failing to see the bicyclist
  • drivers making a right or left turn without keeping a proper lookout
  • drivers attempting to pass a bicyclist when the lane is too narrow
  • drivers backing out of a driveway without first looking in all directions
  • drivers opening their car door without first looking behind them

These negligent actions place bicyclists in mortal danger. Negligent drivers must be held accountable for the harm they cause.

Arlington, Virginia Bicycle Accident Injuries

Joan was seriously injured in an Arlington bicycle accident. A careless driver ran a stop sign striking Joan. She was rushed to Arlington Hospital with a fractured tibia, fractured patella and two fractured ribs.

Bicyclists have no form of crash protection. When steel meets bone, steel wins. As a Virginia bicycle accident lawyer, Gerald Schwartz has seen serious personal injuries caused to bicyclists because of driver inattention, like what happened to Joan. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2009, 630 bicyclists were involved in fatal bicycle accidents, and over 51,000 bicyclists suffered personal injury in the United States. These injuries include:

  • head injuries including skull fractures, concussion, traumatic brain injury, brain contusion, intercranial hemorrhage
  • face/eye injuries including contusions, facial fractures, dental fractures, corneal foreign bodies
  • musculoskeletal injuries including fractures, dislocations, sprains
  • chest injuries including rib fractures and punctured lung
  • abdominal injuries including ruptured spleen, liver laceration, renal contusion, pancreatic trauma, vascular perforation, small and large bowel contusion, traumatic hernia
  • skin and soft tissue injuries including abrasions (“road rash”), lacerations requiring stitches, contusions

Always Wear Bicycle Helmets

Bicycle helmets help protect the brain from suffering even greater traumatic brain injury (TBI) when a bicyclist is struck by a motor vehicle.

As a father, Gerald Schwartz has a special interest in protecting kids who ride bikes. Gerald Schwartz is a Safe Kids USA "Safe Kids Guardian." In addition, he has helped sponsor bicycle safety programs for kids in Virginia communities.

Medical Expense Benefits Cover Bicycle Accidents

Sarah was in a bad Alexandria, Virginia bicycle accident on the bike path while riding to Mount Vernon. She was struck by a car. Sarah resides with her parents who have an auto insurance policy with Travelers with $20,000 in medical expense benefits coverage. Sarah is entitled to the $20,000 in medical expense benefits. It is not necessary that she be occupying the family auto as long as she was struck by a motor vehicle. To learn more about medical expense benefits, click here.


Alexandria bicycle accident lawyer Gerald Schwartz limits his law practice to representing injured people and their families. He has 30 years experience helping the victims of Virginia accidents, including victims of Arlington bicycle accidents. For a free consultation with Gerald Schwartz, please call him directly at (703) 823-0055.