Blood Loss From Bone Fractures


Bone Is Living Tissue With Its Own Blood Supply

Bone is living tissue with its own blood supply. The soft inside center of bone (bone marrow) is where the body makes its blood cells. Between 10-15 million red blood cells are made every second in the bone marrow.

A lot of blood is found inside our bones, especially the long bones in our arms and legs. There are many arteries inside our bones which deliver blood to our bones from the arterial circulation originating from the heart.

The Arlington Bone Fracture Injury With Blood Loss

John fractured the shaft of his femur in an Arlington, Virginia car accident on I-66. This Arlington bone injury caused substantial blood loss requiring an emergency blood transfusion and surgery to repair the fracture at Arlington Hospital.

Since our bones, especially the long bones in our arms and legs, have a rich blood supply, a broken bone injury can result in excessive bleeding. For example, a bone fracture of the thigh bone (femur) can result in 1-2 liters of blood loss. Substantial bleeding from a bone fracture often causes the victim of a bone fracture injury to go into shock.

Bone Fracture Fragments Tear Blood Vessels

Larry was in a motorcycle accident on 395-S in Alexandria, Virginia. He suffered a comminuted fracture of his humerus resulting in laceration of an artery in his arm.

The high energy forces from car, truck and motorcycle accidents often cause broken bone injuries where the bone is shattered into many pieces. This type of bone fracture is called a “comminuted fracture.” Shattered bone fragments often have sharp and pointed edges which can tear nearby blood vessels. The most frequent areas where blood vessels are damaged from shattered bone fragments are in the arms and legs.

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