Burn Prevention Tips


The following are tips to prevent burn injuries:

  • Teach your children about the dangers of fire and electricity. Encourage them to be careful.

  • Teach your children to use caution around anything that produces or retains heat. Some things that can cause burn injuries include:
    • Food
    • Car Engines and Exhaust Pipes
    • Hair Driers and Curlers
    • Water Faucets

  • Check car seats and buckles before placing children in the car. Keep towels or blankets in the car to cover seats and buckles when the car is parked in sunlight.

  • Keep your water heater set to less than 120 degrees. Always test bath and shower water before getting in.

  • Check smoke detectors frequently and replace the batteries every six months.

  • Always supervise young children in the kitchen.

  • Teach your children to keep a safe distance away from the stove. Establish a safety boundary.

  • Purchase flame retardant pajamas for children.

  • Develop a family fire escape plan in the home.

  • Conduct family fire drills regularly, during the night as well as during the day.

  • Use protective covers on electrical outlets.

  • Verify that all electrical appliances and devices are stable.

  • Always be sure that a bulb is in the socket of all lamps and light fixtures. An open light socket can cause electric shock.

Burn Injury: Free Consultation

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