Child Eye Injuries


According to the National Society to Prevent Blindness, one-third of eye loss in children under the age of 10 is caused by injury. An eye injury to your child requires immediate medical attention.

Common Types of Child Eye Injuries

  1. Corneal Abrasions: The cornea is the clear surface covering in the front of the eye. Children often injure their eyes from activities as simple as playing with a toy that can scratch the cornea.

  2. Eye Lid Injuries: The most common eye lid injury in children is a laceration, which is a cut.

  3. Hyphema: Blood in the Front of the Eye: This is another common child injury caused by a direct hit to the eye. Hyphema is serious enough that it can result in a detached retina.

  4. Ecchymosis: Referred to as a “Black Eye”: A “black eye” is caused by a direct hit to the eye. Swelling and dark bruising are often seen.

  5. Chemicals in the Eye: Chemicals in the eye can result in vision loss. Household chemicals such as cleaners and Drano can cause serious burn injures to the eye and result in blindness.

  6. Injury to the Eye From Bee-Bee Guns

  7. Injury to the Eye from Pointed or Sharp Objects

Child Eye Injury From Car and Truck Accidents

Shattered glass and eye trauma from car accidents often cause serious eye injuries to children. To learn more, please click “Eye Injuries.

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