Pedestrian Duties


Virginia law requires a pedestrian crossing the street must be careful to avoid a pedestrian accident.

Virginia law states that:

"A pedestrian has a duty to use ordinary care when he/she is walking on a hard surface (traveled portion) of a roadway:

  1. to keep a lookout for motor vehicles;
  2. to refrain from entering or crossing an intersection in disregard of traffic approaching in such a manner that a reasonable person would not attempt to enter or cross; and
  3. to step from his/her course into a place of safety if it reasonably appears to him/her that he/she is in danger of being struck by a motor vehicle."

Even if a pedestrian has the right-of-way, he must still be careful to prevent an accident.

A Pedestrian's Duty When Walking Along A Street or Highway

Virginia law states that when a pedestrian is walking along the side of a roadway where there is no sidewalk, the pedestrian must walk in the direction facing oncoming traffic - never walk with traffic approaching from your back:

"If there is a reasonably suitable and passable sidewalk, a pedestrian has a duty to use the sidewalk.

If there is no such sidewalk, a pedestrian may walk along the hard surface of the roadway, but he/she has a duty to keep to the extreme left side/against the curb [a driver's left is a pedestrian's right], except that where the shoulders of the roadway are of sufficient width to permit the pedestrian may walk on either shoulder."

This is a good rule to follow to avoid personal injury.

"Walk" and "Don't Walk" Signals

Virginia law states that a "pedestrian has a duty not to start to cross a highway/street in the direction of a "Don't Walk" signal. In addition, a pedestrian has a duty, if he/she partially has completed crossing on a "Walk" signal, to proceed to a sidewalk or safety island while the "Don't Walk" signal is showing.

To avoid being injured, always keep a lookout for oncoming cars, who may not be watching out for you, the pedestrian, crossing the street.

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